Trump Administration Intent on Eviscerating Environmental and Climate Protection Regulations

Posted Dec. 21, 2016

MP3 Interview with Benjamin Schreiber, climate and energy program director with Friends of the Earth, conducted by Scott Harris


When, as expected, Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote on Dec. 19, clearing the way for his presidential inauguration on Jan. 20, it was in keeping with the fact-free nature of the 2016 campaign that more than half of the Republican candidate’s supporters believe that he had won the popular vote, when in fact Hillary Clinton won the election by some 2.8 million votes. Like Trump, many of his supporters also mistakenly believe that climate change is a hoax. According to an October Pew poll, 47 percent of those who back Trump say the Earth is warming because of natural patterns, while 30 percent believe there is no solid evidence the Earth is warming at all. Only 22 percent of those polled who support Trump say the Earth is warming mostly because of human activity, as virtually all the world's scientists have concluded.

So it’s no surprise that the reality TV star billionaire has nominated or appointed a long list of climate change deniers and fossil fuel industry executives to serve in his administration. Thus far, Trump has chosen Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, a dedicated oil and gas industry supporter to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson has been nominated for secretary of state and Montana’s freshman Rep. Ryan Zinke has been named to become secretary of the interior.

Between The Lines’ Scott Harris spoke with Benjamin Schreiber, climate and energy program director with Friends of the Earth, who assesses Donald Trump’s nominees for federal environment and energy posts that underscore his obvious intention to eviscerate environmental protections and tear up existing regulations designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

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