9/11 Widow Demands Investigation and Accountability for Alleged Saudi Link to Sept. 11 Attack

Posted Aug. 10, 2016

MP3 Interview with Kristen Breitweiser, 9/11 widow and activist, conducted by Scott Harris


After more than 13 years of withholding 28 pages of classified documents that were part of the congressional inquiry into the September 11, 2001 al Qaeda attacks on America that killed 3,000 people in New York, Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania, U.S. intelligence officials released those pages on July 15. Although redactions totaled more than three pages of the original 29, the documents feature new details about the links between the 19 September 11 hijackers, 15 of whom were Saudi Arabian citizens, and the Saudi government.

Analysis of the documents found that two of the hijackers were "in contact with, and received support or assistance from, individuals who may be connected to the Saudi government." News outlets examining the declassified pages found a link between an alleged al Qaeda operative and a company associated with a key member of the Saudi royal family, former Saudi Ambassador to the United States Prince Bandar bin Sultan.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest maintained that the now declassified pages "does not change the assessment of the U.S. government that there's no evidence that the Saudi government as an institution or senior Saudi officials individually funded Al Qaeda." However, activists and members of some 9/11 victims' families continue to demand an independent investigation into links they maintain exist between the Saudi government and the hijackers, the release of additional documents and accountability for those implicated. Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with Kristen Breitweiser, a Sept. 11 widow and activist working with a group of other 9/11 widows known as the "Jersey Girls." Here, she assesses new information found in the recently declassified 28 pages of the congressional 9/11 inquiry.

Breitweiser is the author of "Wake-up Call: The political education of a 9/11 Widow". See Psychiatry Services's book review.

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