Sanders Supporters Disaffected Over Clinton's Choice of Sen. Tim Kaine as Running Mate

Posted July 27, 2016

MP3 Interview with Jeff Cohen, associate professor of journalism and director, Park Center for Independent Media at Ithaca College, conducted by Scott Harris


On the Friday before the Democratic National Convention was preparing to kickoff in Philadelphia on July 25, the long-standing efforts to unify the party after a fractious primary campaign season were upended with WikiLeaks' release of over 19,000 internal DNC emails. Those emails from seven key figures within the party document discussions that explored ways in which the DNC could undermine Bernie Sanders' campaign as he was fighting to overtake frontrunner Hillary Clinton. One email from the Democrat's chief financial officer, Brad Marshall, suggested that they use religion against a certain possible atheist with a Jewish heritage, presumably Sen. Sanders.

While many Bernie Sanders supporters had long charged that the DNC rigged the primary system to favor former Secretary of State Clinton, the WikiLeaks emails appeared to confirm their accusations. Large numbers of delegates immediately called for the firing of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Florida congresswoman, who turned in her resignation. Soon after, however, Clinton appointed Wasserman-Schultz "honorary chair" of her campaign's 50-state program.

But for all the anger about the leaked DNC emails, Hillary Clinton's choice of Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as her vice presidential running mate, was a far more serious blunder in the view of many in the party's progressive wing. While Bernie Sanders' progressive platform won 46 percent of pledged delegates in the primary campaign, Clinton chose a centrist Democrat whose positions on free trade, banking deregulation and reproductive rights are the polar opposite of nearly half the party. Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with journalism professor Jeff Cohen, co-founder of the group Roots Action and communications coordinator of the Bernie Delegates Network. Here, Cohen explains why he believes the choice of Kaine is a colossal mistake that could put Donald Trump in the White House.

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