Activist Group Exposes and Challenges Koch Brothers Funding of Colleges and Universities Nationwide

Posted Nov. 11, 2015

MP3 Interview with Kalin Jordan, co-founder of, conducted by Scott Harris


One of the most active family-owned corporations opposing action on climate change in the U.S. are Kansas billionaires Charles and David Koch, owners of Koch Industries. The Kochs have given tens of millions of dollars to political candidates and groups that deny climate science, undermine policy solutions to the problem, and attack subsidies for clean energy competition while preserving billions of dollars in handouts to fossil fuel companies. The Koch brothers also generally promote a radical brand of free market capitalism that advocates large tax cuts for the wealthy, while cutting social safety net programs for poor and working families.

Largely below the radar, the Kochs in recent years have steadily increased their grants to colleges and universities across the U.S. According to a database compiled by Greenpeace, the Kochs have donated nearly $50 million to 254 universities nationwide since 2005. Those funds support conservative economic research that promote the Koch’s libertarian economic philosophy and the hiring of like-minded professors.

On Nov. 5, a group called,, dedicated to exposing and challenging Koch brothers money on campus, organized a national "Day of Action to Stop the Corporatization of Education." The protest involving dozens of campuses, focused on publicizing the Koch's influence and political agenda in higher education in advance of the 2016 election. Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with Kalin Jordan, co-founder of, who discusses her group's demand for transparency by college administrators on what donations their institutions are receiving from the Koch brothers and the political influence it buys.

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