Report Links Operation Rescue and Group that Released Videos to Discredit Planned Parenthood

Posted Oct. 7, 2015

MP3 Interview with Miranda Blue, senior researcher for People for the American Way, conducted by Scott Harris


The latest flashpoint for a Republican-led threat to shutdown the U.S. federal government is centered around the GOP and its anti-abortion allies campaign to defund Planned Parenthood. A government shutdown was averted when a stopgap funding bill was signed by President Obama on Sept. 30, but that only postpones the threat of a shutdown until Dec. 11, when the temporary funding bill expires.

The effort to deny Planned Parenthood federal funds began last summer when a group called the Center for Medical Progress released a series of covertly made videos that accuse Planned Parenthood staff of harvesting aborted human body parts and illegally selling fetal tissue to medical researchers for profit.

Allegations of illegal conduct featured in the deceptively edited videos – as well as statements from David Daleiden, the founder of the Center for Medical Progress – have been widely debunked. Following the release of the videos, six states launched investigations into Planned Parenthood's activities and cleared the organization of any wrongdoing. Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with People for the American Way senior researcher Miranda Blue, who discusses her new report titled: "Operation Rescue's Big Break: How an Organization Rooted in the Radical Fringes of the Anti-Choice Movement Is Threatening to Shut Down the Government."

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