With Two-State Solution Dead, Will Palestinians Launch a Third Intifada?

Posted Dec. 3, 2014

MP3 Interview with Philip Weiss, founder and co-editor of Mondoweiss.net, conducted by Scott Harris


Over the past six months, violence has swelled in and around Jerusalem, the city with religious sites holy to three of world’s major religions. The first incident occurred in June, two months after Israeli Palestinian peace talks led by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry collapsed. On June 13, three Israeli teenagers were abducted and killed while hitchhiking in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Then a Palestinian teenager was seized and burned to death by Jewish assailants in a suspected revenge attack. These crimes were followed by the Israeli military assault on Gaza where 2,100 Palestinians were killed, most of them civilians and 70 Israelis died, most of them soldiers.

In September and October, tensions grew over access to the city’s holiest site, known to Muslims as Haram al-Sharif and to Jews as the Temple Mount, resulting in clashes and a series of deadly Palestinian attacks on Israeli Jews. The most recent of these attacks occurred in a Jerusalem synagogue on Nov. 18, where three rabbis and an Israeli policeman were allegedly killed by two Palestinian assailants, who were themselves later killed by police.

Between The Lines’ Scott Harris spoke with Philip Weiss, founder and co-editor of the news website Mondoweiss.net, which covers U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Here, he talks about the resent upsurge in violence and rising tensions in Jerusalem, amid the failure of diplomacy and a sense of hopelessness that the decades-long conflict between Israel and Palestine can be resolved through peaceful means.

Visit Philip Weiss' news website on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East at Mondoweiss.net.

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