U.S. and NATO Actions in Ukraine Predictably Provoke Russia; Could Trigger a New Cold War

Posted July 30, 2014

MP3 Interview with Tom Hayden, former California state senator, veteran peace and civil rights organizer, conducted by Scott Harris


In the aftermath of the shooting down of a Malaysian civilian airliner over the war zone in eastern Ukraine that killed all 298 aboard, the U.S. and Europe announced aggressive new economic sanctions against Russia. President Obama and the European Union unveiled new punitive measures on July 29, targeting Moscow for what Washington and Brussels assert is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggressive military support for pro-Russian separatists fighting for autonomy in Eastern Ukraine. President Obama accused Russia of firing artillery across its border, providing the rebels heavy military equipment and massing troops along the Ukrainian frontier.

The new measures include sanctions aimed at Russian banks, the nation’s defense firms and blocking technology sales to Russia’s oil industry. When asked by reporters, President Obama denied that Washington and Europe's actions to isolate Russia constituted the launch of a new cold war, and stated he is not planning to transfer U.S. military equipment to Ukraine’s government, as many Republican politicians have recently advocated.

But in an apparent escalation of the combat in eastern Ukraine, three U.S. government officials reported that the Ukrainian Army had fired short-range ballistic missiles aimed at territory controlled by pro-Russian separatists. Earlier, Washington had accused Russia of violating the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty by testing ground launched cruise missiles. Between The Lines’ Scott Harris spoke with Tom Hayden, former California state senator, veteran peace and civil rights organizer, widely known as a founding member of Students for a Democratic Society and primary author of the Port Huron Statement. Here, Hayden discusses the danger of a new cold war, and the policy options to reduce tensions and end the bloody conflict in Eastern Ukraine that has thus far claimed over 1,100 lives.

Find links to Tom Hayden’s recent commentary on Ukraine and related articles at TomHayden.org.

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