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Posted March 5, 2014 for week ending March 14, 2014


"The Russian reaction was entirely predictable. I think you have to ask who made a mistake that led to this disastrous situation? And I’m afraid that has to be laid at the doorstep of the United States and the European Union, both of which encouraged what developed into an armed uprising against the elected president of Ukraine, despite the fact that the leadership of the uprising on the ground consisted of extreme nationalists who are very hostile to Russia and to Russians."

– Interview with David Kotz, professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst on possible reasons Russian President Vladimir Putin has deployed Russian troops to the autonomous republic of Crimea, in southeastern Ukraine

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Russia's Deployment of Troops to Crimea Demands Diplomacy, Not Threats or Escalation

MP3 Interview with David Kotz, professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, conducted by Scott Harris


The celebrations of pro-European parties and activists reflecting on their successful ouster of Ukraine’s elected president, Viktor Yanukovich, were cut short when Russian troops reportedly had been deployed to the nation’s Crimean peninsula on Feb. 28. An unknown number of soldiers said to be Russian, wearing uniforms without insignia, surrounded Ukrainian military bases and the Crimean parliament. Simultaneously, pro-Russian Ukrainian groups organized protests in the country’s majority ethnic Russian cities in the east and south, expressing opposition to the defacto government that took power in Kiev after three months of an often bloody occupation that cost more than 85 lives.  Story continues

Documentary Film Traces Historical Roots of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

MP3 Interview with Alice Rothchild, author and filmmaker, conducted by Melinda Tuhus


Alice Rothchild is an obstetrician from the Boston area who was raised in a Jewish household. Growing up, she was a Zionist who supported the state of Israel. When she traveled to Israel with her family, she remembers never having seen the Palestinians who lived there. In 1997, Rothchild began trying to understand the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and has since organized many delegations to the West Bank, Gaza and Israel, with a strong contingent of medical professionals.  Story continues

Enron Billionaire Funds Public TV "News" Series, Parroting his Opposition to Public Employee Pensions

MP3 Interview with Jeff Cohen, director of the Park Center for Independent Media at Ithaca College, conducted by Scott Harris


In an investigative piece titled, “The Wolf of Sesame Street: Revealing the secret corruption inside PBS’s news division,” published on the news website Pando Daily, journalist David Sirota wrote about a Public Broadcasting Service news series titled, “The Pension Peril,” which advocated cuts to public employee pension benefits. The “Pension Peril” series, scheduled to be broadcast by PBS stations across the country over the course of two years, Sirota reveals, was secretly funded by former Enron company trader and billionaire, John Arnold.  Story continues

This week’s summary of under-reported news

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