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#J15 #J15 Occupy Wall Street Candlelight Vigil for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at Riverside Church, NYC

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Breaking Campaign Pledge, Obama Signs Indefinite Detention into Law

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Interview with Shahid Buttar, executive director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, conducted by Scott Harris


On the last day of 2011, President Obama signed the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, which mandates that all accused terrorists be indefinitely imprisoned in military rather than in the civilian court system. But most alarmingly, the measure also empowers the current, and all future presidents, to indefinitely imprison U.S. citizens and non-citizens suspected of engaging in terrorism, without charge or trial.  Story continues

National Protest Actions will Oppose Supreme Court Ruling Granting "Corporate Personhood"

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Interview with Mark Hays, coordinator of Public Citizen’s Democracy is for People Campaign, conducted by Melinda Tuhus


Jan. 20 marks the second anniversary of the Citizens United case (Federal Election Commission vs. Citizens United), in which the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that corporations, nonprofit organizations and unions may give unlimited donations to elect or defeat political candidates, based on the interpretation of the 14th amendment to the Constitution that corporations are people with the same free speech rights as individuals.  Story continues

Appeals Court Revives Lawsuit Challenging Warrantless Government Surveillance

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Interview with Cindy Cohn, legal director with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, conducted by Scott Harris


The Electronic Frontier foundation launched its landmark Jewel v. National Security Agency lawsuit on behalf of AT&T customers in September 2008, with the goal of stopping the Bush administration’s massive, warrantless dragnet surveillance of American citizens’ communications and communications records. Evidence in the case included documents provided by a former AT&T technician named Mark Klein, who charged that AT&T had routed copies of Internet traffic to a secret room in their Folsom Street, San Francisco facility controlled by the NSA.  Story continues

This week’s summary of under-reported news

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