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This Week on Between The Lines

Posted Sept. 1, 2010 for week ending Sept. 10, 2010


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Why International Aid is Slow to Arrive for Victims of Pakistan Floods  

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Interview with Snehal Shingavi, assistant professor of South Asian Literature, at the University of Texas at Austin, conducted by Scott Harris

pakistan In the worst monsoon rains seen in 80 years, the nation of Pakistan has suffered devastating floods along the Indus River that have inundated dozens of cities and towns, affecting more than 17 million people including 8.6 million children. Aid agencies estimate that more than 8.4 million acres, or 14 percent of Pakistan's agricultural land, has been damaged. As the flood waters recede there is growing concern about disease, food shortages and malnutrition taking hold as Pakistanis travel back to salvage what they can from their destroyed homes. Early estimates found 1,600 people had lost their lives in the floods thus far. Story continues

5 Years After Katrina, New Orleans Recovery is a Tale of 2 Cities  

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Interview with Jordan Flaherty, community organizer with Louisiana Justice Institute, conducted by Melinda Tuhus


Five years after Hurricane Katrina and the breaching of the levees in New Orleans, recovery is underway, but slowly. Three-quarters of the city was flooded, destroying more than 180,000 homes, displacing about 300,000 residents and leaving 1,800 people dead in the disaster. Studies have found New Orleans' metropolitan area has recovered about 90 percent of its population and 85 percent of its jobs. But much remains to be done in the Ninth Ward and elsewhere. Story continues

As Troops Withdraw From Iraq, Peace Groups Tie U.S. Wars with Financial Crisis

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Interview with Medea Benjamin, Medea Benjamin, co-founder of the group Code Pink Women for Peace, conducted by Scott Harris


As news from the increasingly deadly war in Afghanistan gets worse, President Obama in an Oval Office address to the nation announced the end of combat operations in Iraq -- a war that he pledged to end during his 2008 campaign for the White House. While Obama highlighted the reduction of US troops from 144,000 when he took office in January 2009, to 50,000 today -- the drawdown comes at a time of escalating violence and the failure of Iraqi political parties to form a new government after national elections in March. The troop withdrawal does not include 95,000 private military contractors, with the US State Department planning to increase the number of security contractors working for them in Iraq. Story continues

This week’s summary of under-reported news  

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Compiled by Bob Nixon

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