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Between The Lines

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Between The Lines
For The Week Ending Oct. 24, 2008


U.S. Politics

"Polls: Obama leads in critical trio of states," by Liz Sidoti, Associated Press, Oct. 1, 2008

"Growing right-wing opposition to the Paulson plan," by Glenn Greenwald, Salon, Sept. 22, 2008

"John McCain: Crisis Enabler," by Mark Sumner, The Nation, Sept. 21, 2008

"The Evolution of John McCain: Why He Picked Sarah Palin, Carbon Queen," by Tom Engelhardt & Chip Ward,, Sept. 21, 2008

"'Taxpayer Ripoff': Many Economists Skeptical of Bailout," by Avi Zenilman, The Politico, Sept. 21, 2008

"Full-Spectrum Breakdown: Grasping at Straws," by Mike Whitney, Counterpunch, Sept. 20/21, 2008

"The Wall Street Model: Unintelligent Design," by Pam Martens, Counterpunch, Sept. 20/21, 2008

"The Market and the Terminator Machines: America's Own Kleptocracy," by Michael Hudson, Counterpunch, Sept. 20/21, 2008

"Republicans and Subpoenas: Never the Twain Shall Meet," by Robert Fantina, Counterpunch, Sept. 20/21, 2008

"Palin's 'Troopergate' Battle Rages," by Jason Leopold, Consortium News, Sept. 20, 2008

"Is McCain More the Populist than Obama?," by David Corn, Mother Jones, Sept. 20, 2008

"John McCain's hot air," by Joseph Romm, Salon, Sept. 20, 2008

"The Financial Meltdown Continues," by Dean Baker, ZNet, Sept. 20, 2008

"The complete (though ever-changing) elite consensus over the financial collapse," by Glenn Greenwald, Salon, Sept. 20, 2008

"Economic Meltdown: Don't Say We Weren't Forewarned," by Robert Scheer, TruthDig, Sept. 19, 2008

"A further Schmittian (and constitutional?) moment," by Sandy Levinson, Balkinization, Sept. 19, 2008

"The Bi-Partisan Origins of the Financial Crisis: Shattering the Glass-Steagall Act," by William Kaufman, Counterpunch, Sept. 19, 2008

"Wall Street Socialists," by Amy Goodman, TruthDig, Sept. 19, 2008

"Not a Gaffe? McCain Campaign Willing to Destroy Relationship with Europe to Conceal Confusion," by Max Bergmann, Huffington Post, Sept. 19, 2008

"The Point of No Return," by Mike Whitney, Counterpunch, Sept. 19, 2008

"Time to Take a Second Look at Our 'Free Trade' Agreements," by Mark Weisbrot, Center for Economic Policy Research, Sept. 18, 2008

"Reality Catches Up to the Free Market," by William Pfaff, TruthDig, Sept. 18, 2008

"Wall Street and Washington: How the Rules of the Game Have Changed," by Tom Engelhardt & Steve Fraser,, Sept. 18, 2008

"Obama's Foreign Policy Advantage," by Matthew Yglesias, The American Prospct, Sept. 18, 2008

"Why Obama is Wrong: Senator O'Bush on Afghanistan and Iran," by William S. Lind, Counterpunch, Sept. 18, 2008

"Wall Street's Just Desserts," by Harold Meyerson, Washington Post, Sept. 18, 2008

"How the GOP Wired Ohio's 2004 Vote Count for Bush to Win," by Steven Rosenfled, AlterNet, Sept. 18, 2008

"As Wall Street Collapses, Will Washington Get a Clue?," by Nomi Prins, AlterNet, Sept. 17, 2008

"Seven Deadly Sins of Deregulation -- and Three Necessary Reforms," by Robert Kuttner, The American Prospect, Sept. 17, 2008

"McCain and the POW Cover-up," by Sydney H. Schanberg, The Nation, Sept. 17, 2008

"Get Your Class War On," by Thomas Frank, Wall Street Journal, Sept. 17, 2008

"Why Does Sarah Palin Hate God's Creatures?," by Kirk James Murphy, M.D. Firedoglake, Sept. 16, 2008


Bush Regime

"Wall Street's Shadow Market: Credit Default Swaps," 60 Minutes, Oct. 8, 2008

"Report Implicates White House: E-Mails Hint at Involvement in Prosecutor Firings, Officials Say," by Carrie Johnson, Washington Post, October 1, 2008

"No Bailouts Act," by John Nichols, The Nation, Oct. 1, 2008

"They Stood Up to the Banks," by Sarah van Gelder, YES! Magazine, September 30, 2008

"Is This the United States Congress or the Board of Directors of Goldman Sachs? Rep. Dennis Kucinich Rejects $700 Billion Bailout by Amy Goodman,, September 29, 2008

"The $700 Billion Wall Street Bailout: One More Weapon of Mass Deception," by Richard W. Behan, Common Dreams, Sept. 22, 2008

"Cheney Is Ordered to Preserve Records," Associated Press, Sept. 21, 2008

"Seven Hundred Billion Dollars Sought for Wall Street in Vast Bailout," The New York Times, Sept. 20, 2008

"Meet the Odd Couple (Our Current Constitutional Dictators re the Economy)," by Sandy Levinson, Balkinization, Sept. 20, 2008

"Paulson Bailout Plan a Historic Swindle," by William Greider, The Nation, Sept. 19, 2008

"The Bush/McCain/Palin contempt for subpoenas and the rule of law," by Glenn Greenwald, Salon, Sept. 19, 2008

"Vice President Dick Cheney's Incredible and Deadly Lie," by John W. Dean, FindLaw, Sept. 19, 2008

"Bush's AIG Takeover Won't Solve Our Financial Crisis, Now Unfolding by the Hour," by Nicholas von Hoffman, The Nation, Sept. 17, 2008

"W's Worst Judges," by Stephanie Mencimer, Mother Jones, Sept. 17, 2008


American Empire/War Profiteering

"US Empire: An Orgy of Debt," by Eric Margolis, Toronto Sun/Canada, Sept. 21, 2008

"No Recession for Arms Sales," by Frida Berrigan, Foreign Policy in Focus, Sept. 19, 2008

"Venezuela expels U.S. rights group for criticism," Reuters, Sept. 19, 2008

"The United States and Bolivia," by Stephen Zunes, Foreign Policy in Focus, Sept. 18, 2008

"The Machine Gun and the Meeting Table: Bolivian Crisis in the New South America," by Benjamin Dangl, Counterpunch, Sept. 18, 2008


"Postwar" Occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan

"Pakistani troops reportedly fire on US helicopters," Associated Press, Sept. 22, 2008

"Why does the US think it can win in Afghanistan?," by Robert Fisk, Independent/UK, Sept. 202008

"When Refusing to Kill Has a Higher Sentence Than Murder," by Ann Wright, Truthout, Sept. 20, 2008

"At Least 60 Killed, 200 Injured in Islamabad Suicide Blast," News, Sept. 20, 2008

"Satellite images show ethnic cleanout in Iraq," Reuters, Sept. 19, 2008

"Satellite Photos Show Sectarian Cleansing, Not Surge, Led to Drop in Iraq Violence," News, Sept. 19, 2008


Civil Liberties

"An Unfolding Crisis in the Wake of Mississippi ICE Raid," by Kari Lyderson, In These Times, Sept. 19, 2008

"No charges for reporters arrested in GOP protests," Associated Press, Sept. 19, 2008

"Incredible Documentary Footage of Mass Arrest in St. Paul," by Laura Flanders, Firedoglake, Sept. 19, 2008

"RNC Charges Dropped Against Amy Goodman and Democracy Now! Producers," Democracy Now!, Sept. 19, 2008

"What does Sarah Palin have to hide in her Yahoo e-mails?," by Glenn Greenwald, Salon, Sept. 18, 2008

"Agency and Bush Are Sued Over Domestic Surveillance," The New York Times, Sept. 18, 2008

"Stormtroopin'," by William Norman Grigg,, Sept. 15, 2008


Environment and Sustainability

"Solve the Credit Crisis With No Bailout," by Steven Wallman, San Francisco Chronicle, Oct. 1, 2008

"Organic farm blossoms in Kenya's largest slum," Guardian/UK, Sept. 20, 2008

"EPA Faulted for Failing to Control E-Waste Exports," Environment News Service, Sept. 18, 2008


Media Issues

"The Demise of the Washington News Bureau," by John McQuaid, The American Prospect, Sept. 19, 2008

"FCC Spreads Digital Disinformation on TV Transition," by Bruce Dixon, Black Agenda Report, Sept. 17, 2008

"McCain and Palin are laughing at the press -- and it's the press' fault," by Eric Boehlert, Media Matters for America, Sept. 16, 2008



"Thousands join anti-war protest," Evening Standard/UK, Sept. 21, 2008

"Thousands March in Sweden Against Globalization," Agence France Presse, Sept. 21, 2008

"Sleepwalking Through Seattle," by Brian Cook, In These Times, Sept. 19, 2008

"The Battle in Seattle and Beyond," by Stuart Townsend, Huffington post, Sept. 17, 2008


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